Projector Lamps, Recycling & Fakes



Please do not dispose of projector lamps in the trash. They contain chemicals and heavy metals that are harmful to the environment!

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DCOMMAND only sells OEM Lamps, Diamond Lamps or Lamps that have been Re-cycled to reuse the lamp chassis and an original lamp re-housed!

Read more about these terms below:

In an effort to educate the public on the vast (and confusing) information on the internet, we’ve provided some great links on the difference between a REAL QUALITY Projector lamp VS. a Fake/Cheap Lamp. People get duped every single day thinking they are saving money and we don’t want you to fall for the same tricks!

Please note:  DCOMMAND does not manufacture nor claim to represent any of the information below as our own. As an experience A/V dealer, we simply want to dispel the myths and attempt to educate our customers!

OEM BULB:  There are 7 bulb manufacturers worldwide that manufacture the real, high quality lamp that goes into the chassis. There are hundreds if not thousands of knock off manufacturers creating inferior quality knock offs.

The 7 Legitimate Lamp Manufacturers:

  • Philips
  • Osram
  • Ushio
  • Epson
  • Matsushita/Panasonic
  • Phoenix
  • EYE/Iwasaki

Here is more information on how to identify an original lamp by it’s markings:



Spotting Fakes

Philips bulb made for Benq                                    Philips bulb made for After Market

The left hand bulb was made by Philips for Benq, we know this because the 55 underlined in red is the marking Philips put on the bulb for Benq. If you buy a manufacturers original replacement lamp it will also have a Philips bulb with the number 55 on it.

The right hand bulb was made by Philips for the aftermarket with the ‘AM’ code and you would expect to see this on a Diamond Lamp or other ‘Genuine Inside’ lamp but not on a manufacturer’s original lamp.

If you bought a manufacturer’s original lamp for this model and don’t see a Philips bulb, got a Philips bulb with a different two digit number on it or received a bulb with ‘AM’ marking on it then you have probably been sold a counterfeit lamp.



We proudly sell the original lamp from each projector manufacturer, a  Diamond Lamp or a lamp that has simply been re-lamped with all original lamp parts into an original chassis (Re-lamped lamp).





Diamond Lamp Warranty

Diamond Lamps is totally committed to quality and its lamps have a reputation amongst distributors for their reliability and for a very low level of returns. Nevertheless, should any of our products fail in use, we provide a comprehensive
4 month manufacturer’s warranty against any defects in material or workmanship.


Projector Warranty

Using Diamond Lamps should never affect the projector warranty. The projector manufacturers quite naturally encourage all projector owners to use their own branded lamps and often their warranty documents do likewise. However, current legislation in Europe, US and most of Asia makes it illegal for a manufacturer to automatically void a warranty if their own replacement part is not used. In the unlikely event that a 3rd party lamp did damage a projector, the manufacturer’s warranty may only be voided if the replacement lamp was demonstrably of inferior quality to that of the manufacturer’s own branded product.

Since Diamond Lamps are of an identical quality to the manufacturers’ branded products, this would never arise.

Nevertheless, should a Diamond Lamp ever fail causing damage to a projector and the projector manufacturer subsequently refuses to repair it under an otherwise active warranty, then Diamond Lamps would undertake to replace the projector.