Video Game Lounge



A local video game lounge approached Digital Communications & Display to provide a state-of-the-art game playing lounge. While always conscious of an individual budget (new, local, small business) and the necessity to have a cutting edge system, we began envisioning and designing the perfect solution. The final design consisted of 2 large video walls on a “pop out” mounting solution (for ease of access to the rear of each monitor). They also decided to install a massive 80” Sharp display monitor for a high definition, single or multi-player, large screen gaming experience. HDMI connectivity, HDCP Compliance, a Crestron MPC-M50 Media Controller and other components tie everything together to get this system up and running.


  • 2 complete 2 x 2 (55” each monitor) Samsung Video Wall capable of full screen or individual play on each monitor.

    • Each video wall is 8′ wide by ~5′ tall!
  • 1: Sharp 80” High Definition Monitor for massive game play


Crestron Control:


About the Video Walls:

We chose a high resolution (1920 x 1080; HD) slim bezeled (10.4mm from bezel to bezel) 55” Samsung commercial grade monitors for the video walls. Some of the perks: these units are rated an Energy Star 5.0 which on average, consumes 40% less power! Each unit is backed with a 3 year warranty.

The Set up: Each video wall is 2:2 horizontal orientation. This allows the user to have the option of one enormous screen to play on or 4 individual players playing at each wall (either alone or against one another). When we say enormous screen, we mean 8 feet wide and almost 5 feet tall!


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