Rebecca Dooley

Operations, Customer Service, Webmaster, Digital Signage Manager, Client Relations, Vendor Relations, HR

PHONE:    919-859-1786



I am a mother to two fantastic children – at this time, my son is 3 years old and daughter is 9 (almost 10, she insists!). I have been in audio/visual office management and administration for over than a decade. I am the person you will likely speak to when you call our office and will coordinate most of our contact and work with you. I handle the rentals, provide rental quotes and information, and assist with your rental needs in general. I will also be your main contact for questions (mostly non-technical) related to (but not limited to):

  • Initial Contact & Questions about our business
  • Scheduling
  • Quotes
  • Contracts (Bids, RFP/RFQ, Corporate & Government)
  • Billing (Accounts Receivable & Accounts Payable)
  • Purchasing (Vendors/Procurement/Accounts Payable)
  • Account Set Up/Account Questions/Invoice requests
  • Digital Signage (specialty in Samsung Magic Info)
  • Boxed Good/Drop Ship Quotes & Sales (monitors, portable projectors, projector lamps, mounts, other equipment)
  • Website (Webmaster)

Whatever your needs may be, I am happy to help!

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