Service & Maintenance Contract Options

Keep your employees doing their jobs and let us keep your AV systems running!

Do you have an AV system installed? Do you spend a lot of time maintaining and servicing it? Do you have someone to call when something goes wrong? How about those projection lamps? Cumbersome for your staff to keep up with and install properly? You’re in luck. We offer Service Contracts and Maintenance Agreements to keep your systems up and running and keep your staff doing their jobs instead of troubleshooting and trying to figure out why your conference room isn’t working.

Request a site visit so that we can come to you and document what you have in your system and provide you a proposal for a Service Contract or Maintenance Agreement.

What’s the difference? Service Contracts VS Maintenance Agreements:

Service Contracts:  We cover all equipment installed and will provide free service calls, troubleshooting, repairs, equipment replacement, consumables (lamps, cables, etc.), and installation of said consumables. For example, you have 3 conference rooms on site. The lamp gives you a “replace lamp soon” warning. Call us, we’ll come out with a new lamp and install it for you – and it’s all covered under your service contract so there is no additional charge.  TV in the break room goes out? We troubleshoot and determine it’s gone bad – depending on the situation, we’ll either pay to have it repaired or we will purchase and replace it with a comparable unit – and you don’t pay a dime.

Maintenance Agreements:  We negotiate with you what the most beneficial maintenance time table is required to keep your system(s) in good working order. Typically, this means 5 – 10 scheduled days on site to go over each piece of equipment with a ‘fine tooth comb’ to evaluate it’s function, report to you if you have any issues that need to be addressed, update your firmware, fix any bugs or glitches*, clean equipment (projectors, filters, etc.), report on lamp life hours, etc. Certain clients request we give them an estimate for budgeting purposes to set aside for replacements and repairs. We negotiate a sales agreement in which you lock in equipment replacement rates.


Call us today to determine what the best fit for you may be and we’ll schedule a site visit to discuss and provide a proposal for one of the options that best suits your facility.

Don’t want to call? No problem – just use the contact forms anywhere on this website to reach out to begin a discussion!



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