Digital Signage

Digital Signage doesn’t have to be complicated or overly expensive!

We know it sounds a little daunting, which is why we’ve done the homework for you.

Breakfast Menu

Example of Menu Signage


Do you want or need the ability to change your sign on the fly?


  • Menu Changes
  • Promotional or Special Offer Changes
  • Schedule Changes
  • Notifications for students, clients or personnel
  • Update meeting or show times
  • Offer time specific information – without even thinking about it?


Answer “yes” to any of those? Well, you’re ready for Digital Signage.

So… now what? Well, you have plenty of options – which is where we come in.

 You don’t have to be a media guru! You can create your own content in house or contract a media company to do it for you. We want to emphasize that it’s completely possible to create your own with a little effort. The content creation platform is built into your system and is another program that is used on your own computer system.

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We have over 40 remote Digital Signage locations deployed across the state of North Carolina!

Deployment of current DS as of 3-26-14